A self-test for passive treatment viability 

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These are challenging and unprecedented times. Travel is restricted. Site access has been all but eliminated for many companies. Budgets have been tightened. Yet facilities need to continue moving forward with permitting, operations, development, closure, and environmental compliance projects.

Build the right mine water treatment plan with Linkan’s self-administered test kit. Concise reporting for closure planning with industry-leading support at every step.

Linkan Engineering has developed a solution to adapt to a changing world, with a low-risk, low-cost evaluation for your passive water treatment plan.

Passive Treatment

Linkan has developed a testing program to evaluate passive treatment technologies at a proof-of-concept level to help you evaluate the appropriate approach for your site. Our kits are tailored specifically to your water treatment needs and shipped directly to you to be self-administered by your staff. They are capable of assessing multiple technologies including: Biochemical Reactors (BCR), Iron Terraces, Manganese Removal Beds, and Wetlands*.

Custom test kits, concise reporting, and industry-leading support at every step.


ProofPassive test kit answers your water treatment questions with an evaluation backed by Linkan Engineering:

  • Is designed specifically for your site
  • Assembles and ships in several days, virtually anywhere
  • Is simple to use
  • Provides quick results, usually around 10 weeks
  • Involves end to end evaluation from passive treatment experts
  • Capable of assessing multiple technologies

No site visits required. Self-administered tests. Full remote support from industry experts at every step.

How it Works

Know how to treat your mine water. Collect samples with our self-administered test kit:

Consult with Linkan Engineering, to customize ProofPassive for your site. Initiate the test over 6-8 weeks, with your own staff:

  1. Place water into test cells
  2. Measure and report field parameters
  3. Collect/ship samples for analytical testing
  4. Share the results with Linkan for analysis
  5. Receive a concise report, backed by Linkan Engineering

What to Expect From Linkan

When you purchase ProofPassive from Linkan, here’s what you can expect from us:

  • ProofPassive, tailored to your specific treatment needs
  • Shipment directly to your site anywhere in the world**
  • Clear, step-by-step video instructions
  • One-on-one assistance from Linkan Engineering
  • Evaluation of your test data
  • Concise analytical report with recommendations specific to your site
  • Consultative call with Linkan to review recommendations

Additional Options

Realizing that each site is different, Linkan can adapt our testing program designed around your specific needs, access to testing facilities and manpower availability. Addition options include:

  • Field parameter probes and supplies provided with ProofPassive
  • Analytical lab analysis and sample collection supplies provided
  • Send water to us and have Linkan perform the tests

*  Wetland evaluations are based on characterization data and not directly tested in the kit.

**International shipping restrictions may require local procurement of some ingredients.

Low-cost, rapid proof-of-concept test for Passive Treatment