Barrick operates a large water treatment plant in support of underground operations at Barrick Turquoise Ridge Mine. Water from the underground workings is diverted to the treatment plant for removal of extreme arsenic concetrations, as well as elevated iron and manganese. Linkan staff initially led an emergency bench testing operation in 2009 to re-establish plant operations following a major upset. Effective treatment led the process development, design and commissioning of the revised process within 4 days preventing the shutdown of the underground dewatering system.

Linkan staff have continued to assit the Turquoise Ridge operations team in optimizing the water treatment plant as underground operations change the feed water quality. A key step was taken in 2010 to add a critical SCADA system that allows for real-time pH and ORP tracking. This instrumentation controls the automatic operation of the chemical dosing systems allowing the operations staff to manage the drastic swings in flow and pH that come with major shift changes in the underground mine.

Linkan is completed the design and constructio of a 2,000 gpm modification to the TRJV facility. The new facility is designed to meet the existing standards for arsenic while addressing the reduced discharge standards for antimony and sulfate. The facility presently under construction converts the existing facility to a pretreatment step for bulk solids removal and adds two- step ferric adsoprtion and filtration for arsenic and antimony removal. A slip stream through new nanofiltration provides the sulfate and TDS removal to meet discharge standards.

Project Highlights
  • 2,000 – 5,000 gpm
  • Removal of Arsenic, Iron and Manganese
  • Onsite bench testing for process optimization
  • Flexible SCADA and PLC system to accommodate process fluctuations
  • New 2,000 gpm MF/NF plant for arsenic, antimony and sulfate reduction
Project Duration

2009 – present

Linkan’s Role
  • Process Development
  • Bench Testing
  • Pilot Testing
  • Detailed Design
  • Procurement
  • Construction Supervision
  • Commissioning

Mr. Richard Lindsay
Projects Engineer
Barrick Turquoise Ridge

Project Features

  • Four separate onsite bench testing campaigns to optimize treatment with existing equipment
  • Drastic swings from pH 7-12 due to mine backfill operations
  • Arsenic concentrations 400 times permit limits (4 mg/L)
  • Reuse of existing equipment as much as possible to limit costs
  • New 2,000 gpm modifications to install microfiltration and nanofiltration to meet reduced discharge standards