Linkan Engineering was commissioned by Klondex Gold & Silver Mining Company to assist in a fast-paced project to dewatering two ponds in order to maintain planned mine production. The ponds and mine consisted of 6.5 million gallons of water at pH 10 with elevated concentrations of arsenic, antimony and nitrate.

Linkan executed a detailed bench testing protocol that evaluated several treatment options and confirmed the process selection to meet permit compliance. Key to the success of the project was the rapid permitting of a temporary discharge outfall and pipeline allowing disposal of the treated effluent.

Another key feature of the project was the use of reverse osmosis for TDS and nitrate removal and clean-in-place microfiltration to provide for high efficiency solids removal. While chemical precipitation and settling were theoretically possible, microfiltration provided the certainty of solids removal.

For the client to meet mining production goals this year, Linkan prepared detailed bench testing in 10 days and designed, procured, constructed and commissioned the water treatment plant in 40 days. The project is presently in operation and Linkan’s team is providing operations services to help the client meet their water treatment needs.

Linkan staff specifically designed the facility to be flexible and accommodate changing water quality parameters. The project was completed as an EPCM delivery system whereby the engineering firm provided the design, requisitioned the contractor and equipment, provided construction supervision and assisted with commissioning and operations.

Project Highlights
  • 100 gpm from underground and pond dewatering
  • Removal of As, Sb, Fe, NO3, TSS, and TDS
  • 9,000 foot pipeline
Project Duration


Linkan’s Role
  • Process Development
  • Bench Testing
  • Pilot Testing
  • Detailed Design
  • Procurement
  • Construction Supervision
  • Commissioning
  • Supervisory Operations