Linkan Engineering, in concert with our geotechnical partners Tierra Group International, was commissioned by B2Gold to execute a fast-paced project to address an excess tailings water balance that was soon to require extensive capital invetment to raise the dam to accommodate the enlarged reclaim pond. Linkan developed a phased approach to execute a rapidly deployable mine water treatment system in two stages; 1) Stage I to meet the flow rate required to stop the rise in pond level and 2 ) Stage II to treat additional flow to draw down the pool to managable levels.

After coordinating predicted design flow rates and water quality with our tailings partners, Linkan executed a detailed on-site bench testing campaign to pinpoint the optimal treatment required to meet standards for ocean discharge while minimizing costs and expediting the schedule. Failure to meet the schedule would require the mine to raise the dam for water storage purposes only at a cost of at least triple the proposed water treatment plant.

The primary contaminant of concern at the facility was free cyanide with additional concerns regarding heavy metals and suspended solids. Key to the process development was accurate anticipation of increased salinity and suspended solids as the water treatment plant successfully reduced the reclaim pond level. This required experienced judgement to anticipate future water quality parameters.

Linkan designed a rapid deployment system consisting of sulfide oxidation for cyanide removal, molybdenum removal by low pH ferric adsorption and suspended solids removal by microfiltration. The plant was constructed in 2014 and reliably meets all water quality discharge standards.

Project Highlights
  • 2,000 gpm Stage I
  • 3,000 gpm Stage II
  • Cyanide detoxification by INCO process
  • Removal of heavy metals and suspended solids
  • Rapid deployment
Project Duration

2013 – 2015

Linkan’s Role
  • Process Development
  • Bench Testing
  • Scoping Study
  • Detailed Design
  • Construction Assistance
  • Commissioning