Sam Billin, P.E.


Mr. Billin has 27 years of experience consulting to the mineral industry in environmental investigation, remediation, civil engineering, and water resources.  Mr. Billin leads Linkan focusing on mine water treatment plant scoping, design, construction, and operations.  His broad range of mine water treatment plant design affords any project unique insights in both conventional and innovative, cost-saving alternatives.  His design project history includes essentially every mine water process technology common in the industry as well as numerous innovative approaches.

David Hollinger, P.E.

Civil Engineer

Mr. Hollinger brings over 18 years of engineering design and construction experience in civil, water/wastewater, piping/mechanical, and building infrastructure, including projects across the U.S., in Canada, and overseas. His roles, in addition to design and project engineer, include project management, contracting and tendering, scope and fee negotiation, client and sub consultant management, design management, construction bid phase services, construction management and administration, personnel safety, startup and commissioning, and warranty period services. As a former 20-year master mechanic, he strives to conceptualize, design and incorporate features and aspects into every project that enhance overall functionality, reliability, safety, and serviceability.

Scott Barton

Process Scientist/Scientific Technician

Mr. Barton is an accomplished process designer and chemist with more than 25 years of experience working process design and operations at industrial facilities.  He leads Linkan’s bench and pilot testing services, providing customized testing protocols for each project.  Mr. Barton has extensive experience performing desktop modeling of water treatment equipment, as well as operating a wide assortment of this type of equipment and performing quality control functions.

Lee Josselyn, P.E.

Senior Project Manager

Mr. Josselyn is a registered Professional Engineer with 30 plus years of active experience in all phases of design, construction, and operations of industrial water treatment systems including both passive and active treatment processes, civil infrastructure, and environmental restoration projects. He has been the lead engineer and/or manager responsible for several multi-million dollar projects including new plant design-build, major facility upgrades, process optimizations, facility/equipment evaluations, plant commissioning, and operation & maintenance (O&M) services. Mr. Josselyn has a well-rounded experience as the lead engineer (process/civil), project manager, construction manager, construction safety supervisor, and quality control engineer. He is well versed with design/build methodologies, engineering for optimization and safety, project management tools, managing employees, managing subcontractors/vendors, and contract administration including cost control. In addition, Mr. Josselyn has experience as a planner and estimator in support of construction projects including site inspections, preparation of detailed costs and labor estimates, and procurement documentation

Jim Gusek, P.E.

Senior Project Manager

Mr. Gusek has 40-plus years of wide-ranging experience in mining-related projects, with a focus in environmental and geotechnical disciplines. Since 1985, this experience was applied to a number of challenging mine land reclamation projects that included geotechnical investigations, development of grading and reclamation plans, and the design of constructed wetlands for treating polluted mine water. He is an internationally-recognized authority in the passive treatment of mine drainage. One of his passive treatment projects garnered several awards for engineering excellence, including the 1998 Grand Conceptor Award from the Colorado chapter of the American Consulting Engineers Council (ACEC) as well as an Honor Award at the ACEC national level. He is also the chair of the Mitigation Group of the Metal Mining Sector of the Acid Drainage Technology Initiative (ADTI) and is the editor/co-author of a book on the prevention and treatment of metal mine drainage. He served on the ITRC Biochemical Reactor (BCR) working group and was a key contributor

David a. Meyers, P.E.

Senior Project Engineer

Mr. Myers has 43 years of experience in various phases of water and wastewater treatment projects including planning, permitting, design, construction, and operations for federal, municipal, mining, chemical industry, and food processing clients. His professional skills include project management, interdisciplinary coordination, process controls and instrumentation, operations management, detailed design, mass and energy balances, and flowsheet design. Mr. Myers enjoys working with junior staff to help with technical and non-technical career development. His project history includes virtually every water treatment technology and encompasses both in-office planning and design projects as well as construction and commissioning.

Bruce T. Marshall, P.G.

Principal Scientist

Mr. Marshall is a registered Professional Geologist with 35 years of professional experience focused on water quality and water management. He has extensive experience evaluating metal and nutrient sources in large watersheds and assessing the impacts of these water quality parameters on aquatic life, agricultural, water supply, and recreational uses. Mr. Marshall has managed and participated in numerous environmental projects supporting the mining and energy sectors throughout North America. This experience includes mine water management, produced water management, geochemical modeling, and water rights support. Mr. Marshall has specific experience related to discharge permitting and development of effluent limit alternatives, RI/FS and EE/CA investigations under CERCLA, preparation of environmental impact assessments and permit documents to support mining operations, preparation and execution of Corrective Action Plans and Voluntary Clean-up Plans, and UIC permitting.

Jason Wheeler, P.E.

Process Engineer

Mr. Wheeler is a degreed Chemical Engineer and licensed Civil Engineer with 6 years of relevant experience providing key support in the testing, design, commissioning, and operation of water treatment processes. He provides flow and mass balance projections and water chemistry modeling. Mr. Wheeler designs and specifies process piping, valves, instrumentation, pumps, and other equipment. He generates process equipment lists, coordinates materials procurement, reviews process drawings, reviews electrical and controls drawings, leads commissioning efforts, performs operator training, and prepares plant O&M materials. Mr. Wheeler also performs troubleshooting and optimization of existing equipment.

Sam Thomas, E.I.T.

Process Engineer

Mr. Thomas is a degreed chemical engineer with over two years of experience in testing, design, and operation of water treatment processes. Previously, he worked as a petroleum engineer where he performed water quality analysis and evaluated hydraulic performance of fracturing treatments. He then worked in water treatment of oilfield produced water before joining the Linkan team. Mr. Thomas has extensive experience with equipment operating, laboratory testing and implementing process optimization. As a process engineer, he evaluates potential treatments, develops mass balances, and performs chemical calculations. In addition, he develops hydraulic models for pump, tank and pipe sizing. Mr. Thomas has been able to leverage operational experience to convert pilot test results and technology reviews into industrial scale water treatment solutions.

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